In Search of Matryoshka Extravaganza

A traditional orthographic drawing featuring discrete objects, plans, and kitsch artefacts laced with overlapping geometry. This triptych explores the relationships of each object constrained within a 2D environment, imprisoned and agitated. The notion of hyperstimulation is understood here as a flattened whole wherein the boundaries and intrinsic essence is subjugated by the collection.

Abstractions: Tools

An axonometric drawing breaking the fourth wall between the objects and their audience as they are now aware of their surveilled spectacle from a distance. This triptych reveals the third dimension obscured behind the scenes of a traditional orthographic drawing; in this realm the observer encounters the ‘real’ position of the objects. Their depth and distance exposed, yet, it remains a 2D drawing attempting to represent a 3D environment.

A superimposition, revealing the mediation of the digital and the physical, side stepping traditional notions of 3D and 2D drawing.  This triptych reveals Augmented Reality positioned IRL settings at varying scales, each exploring how by placing 3d content IRL we imbue a mixed reality wherein both parts equally exist. Augmented drawings offer a much more intuitive and interactive mode of representation for experiencing and designing space. Being able to instantly translate 3-dimensionality within the physical world has already begun to fundamentally distort the architectural discipline.