design your own benches, pavilions, even towers and interact with them in the real world!

What if a bench is more than simply a physical seat? Our proposal is for a set of playful objects that are part of an augmented reality (AR) architectural game designed to bring people together and raise questions about technology and the coexistence of digital and physical space within architecture. The design consists of two parts: First, three separate colourful objects for seating, connected by a wrapping texture that breaks up the hierarchy of and ties the piece together. Unlike a traditional bench which is linear, the fragmented nature of our composition allows users flexibility and choice for how they want to position themselves - more community oriented or outward facing depending on one’s mood, group size and surroundings. Secondly, we propose a free downloadable app, that can recognize the colourful textures and start a game with anyone nearby. In the app, users can throw, place and stack more benches to create everything from alternative arrangements to skyscrapers to small worlds. The game uses the camera of any smartphone so players can view their designs in real scale and in context - walk around it from every angle, go inside - this would be the first AR furniture ever built! The volumetric nature of the game will create interactions between occupants and people passing by - players and users. In addition, the game creates a link between the physical bench objects and the digital designs of everyday participants - it’s a new form of architecture that starts to get the community involved. The game and the benches work together as one proposal designed to expose the public to architecture - not simply as a built form but as a concept. It creates a new type of relationship between person-andarchitecture- and-technology. Last but not least, even if you don’t want to open your phone, it serves as a flexible, fun place to rest and spend time.

play an architectural game using the physical objects of the bench as augmented components in a hybrid physical/digital experience

show your friends, see others' designs or share your own with a broader lfa community - via functionality built into the app